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Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Home Elevator

Home elevators are a growing trend among homeowners across the country. Once thought of as only for the rich, home elevators are now a luxury that are more affordable than ever! Here are the top five reasons a home elevator is a great investment:


1. Value.  Home elevators raise the value of your home by 10% at minimum.


2. Access. They provide access to every level of your house regardless of how many stories.


3. Aging in place. By planning ahead and incorporating a home elevator into your home now, you can assure you and your family's accessibility needs will never be an issue.


4. Safety. In addition to the safety of the elevators themselves, the safety of elderly and family members with disabilities is paramount. A home elevator ensures safe travel between levels.


5. Customizable. Not only are residential elevators convenient in mobility areas, they're able to adapt to your own personal style! You can select the size, design, and sometimes even the location of your elevator.


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